Hi, I'm Regina


Spending 30 years in the pest control industry taught me a lot about chemicals and how harmful they can

be. My emphasis in the pest control field as in life in general was always in seeking natural solutions. 

When my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a neurological disorder that affects the nervous system, I went into high gear in my quest for even healthier natural remedies.


I researched herbal recipes, read countless books by industry experts, joined blogs and took herbal study

and essential oil courses. I became certified as an Essential Oils Coach in order to better understand how herbs and essential plant oils benefit our mind and body. My husband and I planted health-giving trees, herbs, flowers and orchards.


gained a greater knowledge on infusing organic herbs with organic oils and how to utilize the beneficial properties of plants & plant based essential extracts through distillation,for maximum health, beauty and well-being. It was then that I began creating my own recipes.  


My husband’s health improved as a direct result of that health based research and his doctor is amazed at how good he looks and how well he’s doing.  We decided we could not keep all this information to ourselves and began to share our products with family and friends. They soon fell in love with the lotions, creams, cleansers, and herbal teas that I had created.  Since I’ve always had a passion to help others achieve health & wellness, launching my business, La Cresta Skin Care, was a natural next step.


As I grew in my  experience with natural skin care, my clients trusted my knowledge and began asking me for herbal remedies for health and wellness. I realized I needed to expand my product line and dedicate a division of my company to holistic healing. That's when we created Gold Leaf Botanics, a dba of La Cresta Skin Care. You'll find a web slink to this site under wellness or you can go directly to www.goldleafbotanics.com


My intention is to inspire you to be excited about your  beauty ritual, every day and to offer you natural remedies for health and wellness. I hope you enjoy the wonderful aromas of our essential oil blends, the calming effects of hand chosen herbal blends and incredible carrier oils that nurture the skin.


La Cresta Skin Care LLC. dba Gold Leaf Botanics is all about utilizing natures ingredients. Our botanical-based  products feature ingredients sourced from small family owned farms and organic herb growers. We also grow and process many of the ingredients ourselves. 

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