September 30, 2019

February 25, 2019

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February 15, 2019

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Live Life Like a Dolphin & Be Happy

July 18, 2018


In order to improve our health, both mentally and physically, we can apply some of the simplest changes and achieve dramatic results thus reducing the risk of stress causing illnesses like heart disease, stroke, depression, mental fatigue and a slew of other diseases that are caused by stress on our adrenal glands.


Researches have found that living our lives similar to the way dolphins live theirs could greatly reduce health issues and improve the quality of our lives.


Here are 3 things that dolphins do daily that humans can do as well:


1. Play- Find activities, hobbies, sports or anything that you would consider fun, challenging,  and engaging. By having fun we stimulate the front part of our brains which controls problem solving, risk taking and motivates us work through situations by trial and error. Playing also increases our feel good hormones and gives us a natural high. 


2. Social Connection- Having meaningful relationships with others and spending time with people you love and care about creates a purpose to live and prosper. People who are isolated are more likely to get ill, suffer from depression and die younger.


3. Relax- With our busy schedules we often forget to stop and relax. We are often sleep deprived as we burn both ends of the candle in our pursuit to get more done. Societies who nap and relax are healthier and more productive in the long run. Try meditation, read a book, take a short nap, or just go for a nice relaxing walk.





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